Finally Friday

The week is finally over!

I hate wishing work days away but, I have been craving down time, time to relax at home with the hubby.

Tonight we are going apartment shopping. We have an appointment with a real estate broker in hopes of finding a larger apartment. Our lease isn't up until Halloween 2011 but, we would like to take our time and find another fantastic place. We LOVE our current apartment and our current neighborhood but, with the changes going on in the building we feel it would be a better decision to move to a more stable building. Here's hoping the meeting goes well.

Earlier this week, I purchased an eggplant at the market. It is one of my favorite staples to have in, in the winter. Due to all of the craziness this week, I haven't gotten to cook it.

As I type, I have eggplant parm in the crock pot. We'll have to see how that comes out. I adapted a recipe from cdkitchen . Unfortunately, there aren't any reviews so, I'm not sure how this is going to work.

The hubby just end a text to let me know he is leaving work! Let the weekend begin!

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