Finally Friday

It is finally Friday! Guess what?!?!? It is 66 degrees in New York City! This means the cafes have opened their windows, put tables outside, and are encouraging locals to come enjoy the sunshine. Kids are playing tag on the sidewalk and drawing giant pirates with sidewalk chalk (as they did on 35th Street today). The teenagers are breaking out their summer clothes (tank tops and shorts).

Unfortunately, this weather is short lived as tomorrow it is supposed to be back to the 40s. But, at least for a little while we can kick back and get a taste of what Spring will be like.

This Friday is particularly special because it is a day that teachers in New York dream about. TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL UNTIL FEBRUARY 28th!!!! We have a fabulous week off!!!! I am sure that my week will be filled with trips to the island to visit Dad and many days of sleeping in BUT I am so grateful for the break!

For the hubby - today is Fake Friday - he has to go in to work for a little bit tomorrow but, he does still get to sleep in and go home early. I may take a trip into Manhattan with him and visit the Green Market in Union Square. We shall see how much energy I have and how cold it is tomorrow.

Dinner tonight is Sushi from my favorite little market on Broadway. The Sushi Chef was nice enough to make some fresh so I didn't have to take the ones that were out already. Hope you enjoy your Friday!


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