Finally Friday

Today, I went to the gym and continued cleaning as my in laws are coming up tomorrow for the weekend. We still have a bit of Christmas around since I haven't gotten a chance to take it back to my parents house yet.

I am thinking about what kind of cake I should make for a very special friend's birthday on Tuesday. My last attempt at a double layer cake for the hubby came out in three pieces so, I'm trying to think of something easy and tasty. We shall see... (FYI- Buying a cake is not an option.)

Hopefully, we will get to Ossining to visit a friend on Sunday. We haven't seen her for awhile (actually since we have been married)! I've been trying to leave messages but, it seems her voicemail system is down. I know the hubby will try calling her again later.

Here's to a fantastic end to February Break!

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