The Great Closet Clean Out, Part 2

Last week, I decided I would follow in Sarah's footsteps and begin cleaning out my closet, dresser, and under the bed storage. I have to say it is going well. I have determined that I have many things that I just don't need or that don't fit the way I'd like them to.

The biggest hurtle I've come across is finding a consignment shop for some of the nicer items. It appears as though most places here have a waiting list to even look at your stuff. I found one nice place for mom and kid clothes but, it is quite a hike from here. The other thing is that they don't ever give you money for your clothes, they simply give you a store credit. Therefore, you have to spend it there. The one exciting part is that all of the baby clothes are BRAND NEW, tickets on!

Every consignment shop I have come across only takes clothes that are "in season". Unfortunately, they consider most of my skirts to be clothes. I know that St. Vincent de Paul will take anything. But, being that we are trying to save/make money anywhere we can, I thought it would be prudent to be a bit persistent with the consignment shops.

In my cleaning/organizing, I decided that I needed a few things to help keep shoes, the hubby's ties, and sweater/blankets/sweatshirts organized. It is amazing how much room is available when things are organized. After reading a bunch of articles about organizing your closet, I discovered that many people have the same trouble spots. I love that I can see the floor in my closet because the shoes are on the back of the door. The sweaters/sweatshirts/blankets are contained in the sweater bags and neatly stacked in the top of the closet rather than having them fall off of the shelf every time I grab one. You shouldn't need a crash helmet to pick out your clothes for the day, ya know?

My purchases:
Tie Hanger
Shoe Rack

Sweater Bags

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  1. I love the sweater bags! And good point - you should not need a crash helmet to pick out clothes for the day. One of the perils of being married to someone who is so much taller. I don't see anything wrong with holding onto clothes and planning to sell them when they are in season - I've done that before!