I wrote this post earlier this summer but, I feel as though it is appropriate to repost this based on the path of Hurricane Sandy. For those of you living in Nassau County, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano has put the emergency phone system into place and is urging residents to "be ready". For anyone North of 25A check your evacuation routes. In the event that you lose  power, contact LIPA

Well, this seems to be the summer of storms on Long Island. In Charlie's short life, we've been without power three times and have had countless storms. Last night we received calls from the county legislator indicating that there would be strong thunderstorms with the possibility of a tornado. We made sure we had a bag for Charlie of everything he would need for at least a day and we waited...

Emergency Kit for A Breastfeeding Infant
1) 1 package of diapers
2) 1 package of wipes
3) Hand sanitizer
4) Water (for mom)
5) Wrap/sling/nursing cover
6) Blankets
7) Burp cloth
8) Pacifier
9) First aid kit
10) Medicine dropper
11) Nasal aspirator
12) Changes of clothes

13) Nipple shield (if needed)

Have I forgotten something? Comment below! 

As a kid, we never received these ominous phone calls from the local government. While I understand, we need to be informed sometimes I feel like these phone calls make everyone just a little too crazy. There were always warnings on the TV but, those warnings seem much less personal than having a person or a recording call your house.

Charlie was absolutely hysterical as the first large storm was approaching. Can babies sense storms like animals? As the storm passed, he calmed down (THANKFULLY!). We were very lucky that most of the strong weather stayed to the west of us and our power remained on.

Breastfeeding and Emergency Preparedness
As a result of the many storms we have had since Charlie was born, I have become very grateful for the ability to breastfeed. It is wonderful not to have to worry about having enough formula and bottles. As long as, I am there... he will be fed. Woohoo! Go nature!

Breastfeeding and Mother's Stress
With all of the excitement yesterday, I noticed I was not as anxious as I usually am when the weather gets bad. I've been doing a lot of reading about breasfeeding and much of the reading indicates that it reduces the stress level of the mother. This is true for several reasons: Skin to skin contact with your little one automatically relaxes a mother and child. (I mean really... who doesn't like snuggling with a little baby?) Breastfeeding releases a hormone called Oxytocin which is shown to lower blood pressure in the mother. Prolactin is also released which is related to a positive mood and lower stress levels.

Another added bonus!
It has been proven that breastfeeding reduces a baby's pain level. If your child happens to become injured in the storm, it will help to ease the pain!

Links on Emergency Preparedness and Support for Breast Feeding In Disaster Situations

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