7 Quick Takes

1- Yesterday, my great aunt at 96 years old went to be with our Lord. She is the last sibling in my grandfather's family and the last of that entire generation to return Home.

2- It must be incredible to be almost a century old. However, it must also be extremely sad to be the last of your friends to be living. 

3- We really need to see family more often than at weddings and funerals. You should see the people you love while they are alive. 

4- Family is important. This is one of the lessons I would like to teach Charlie. 

5- I would love to see Charlie grow up and call his uncles just to chat. It would be wonderful for him to have a close relationship with my three brothers. 
6- This makes me think that we need to have a family picture taken. We have several pictures of the three of us but it would be nice to have a professional portrait done. 

7- The ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple will be hosting a link up titled: What I Wore Sunday. You are asked to link up your going to church outfit on Sunday night! I'm psyched to get some new church outfit ideas! I hope you'll link up too! 


  1. I never had a close relationship with my extended family because they lived far and we saw them only yearly, and it does make me sad that I never felt comfortable enough to talk to any of them on the phone. Family shouldn't be like that, you know? I hope to teach my future children the same lessons about family that you are teaching Charlie. God bless your grandmother's soul!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout for our blog! And you make a good point. We only see our one side of the family once a year.. and you just never know! I'm sorry about your great aunt! Prayers for your family.

  3. I try to impress upon my children how important their relationships are with each other. I want them to be close friends when they grow up so there will be cousins growing up as friends and knowing their aunts and uncles. This is something I have missed in my own family.

  4. I agree on making time with family NOW. We live near a lot of family and always enjoy our time together. Sadly, we all get so busy before you know it we are celebrating a holiday again.

    Get the professional pictures. Well worth the money.