Lullaby Leaf: An Etsy Shop

Earlier this month, a college friend of mine just opened an incredible Etsy shop called the Lullaby Leaf. She is a mom to two beautiful little boys, an educator, a graduate student and an all around talented woman.
Jack and Sam
"I have always been a lover of words and wearable art. My jewelry is hand stamped one letter at a time which makes each piece one of a kind, imperfect and special.The Lullaby Leaf comes from 2 of my favorite loves, singing to my children and when the leaves turn beautiful colors in the fall.Two years ago while on maternity leave with my first son Jack I bought a metal stamping set. Now that I am on my second maternity leave with my little guy Sam I decided to start creating pieces for my family and friends." -Lindsay Alexandra

I was so excited when Lindsay opened her shop. I couldn't wait to get a piece of her jewelry for myself. After much deliberation, I decided on a personalized birth stats handstamped necklace. One of the many awesome things about her shop is that she welcomes custom orders and encourages buyers to have input in the designs in her shop. So, if you have an idea feel free to send her a message on Facebook. I  had been looking at various mommy necklaces online and I thought who better to support than another mom! 

If you are looking for some beautiful handstamped jewelry, feel free to check out her shop and use the promotional code newmom1 for 10% off your purchase for a limited time! For more promotional codes and giveaways, "like" Lullaby Leaf on Facebook!

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