Ten Things I'm Grateful For Thursday

Another shout out to Sarah @ And Twins Make Four for hosting this link up!

1. Plumbers - hopefully, the plumber will come tomorrow and the giant leak in the basement will be fixed

2. Grandma - for watching Charlie today so I could have some much needed "me" time.

3. Sunshine  - it warms the house on a cold morning

4. Seasonal weather - so Charlie and I could take a walk in his stroller

5. Consignment shops - for inexpensive shopping and the opportunity to possibly sell some of my unneeded clothing

6. Housing - to keep us warm and safe

7. Food - to fill our stomachs after long days

8. Financial Resources - to allow us to help out my parents, to provide us with the things we need.

9. Wisdom - to discern the difference between needs and wants

10. Family - to support us in our times of need and to love us unconditionally

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