Ten Things I'm Grateful For Thursday

A blogger friend of mine, Sarah, has set up a weekly link up for things you are grateful for:

1. My beautiful son who makes everyday worth living.

2. My loving, patient, and considerate husband - namely because I've been very sleep deprived and therefore not so nice to be around.

3. My supportive parents who couldn't be more generous

4. My in laws who will be coming up from MD for one day to spend it with Charlie

5. The ability to stay home with Charlie because of #s 2, 3, 4

6. My father's health - although fragile be is home with us instead of in the hospital

7. Medical professionals who are working tirelessly to try to encourage my father to take care of himself and his medical needs

8. The public library - they provide endless hours of free, wholesome entertainment for my family and employment for my mother

9. Generous, caring friends who give up their time off to visit with us and love on Charlie

10. The women of #CathSorority because without them I would be in the loony bin this week.

1 comment:

  1. The library! That's a good one. I'm glad your father is doing better! I love the picture of you and Charlie in the Moby wrap. So cute!
    Thanks for sharing your list! Happy Thankful Thursday!