7 Quick Takes

1. So, I didn't realized it was Friday. Everything seemed to smoosh together this week.

2. Yesterday, Gram was off so Charlie, Gram, and I went to the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery (using the Library museum pass). He really enjoyed watching the fish splash around for the food.

3. I thought we were supposed to be going to a program at the library today but, it is two weeks from now. I'm really glad I didn't drive all the way over there!

4. I will never understand how the same brand of gas at two stations in neighboring towns can differ in price by almost $0.25. I can understand different states or counties but, literally the next town over has exactly the same gas for $0.25 less.

5. We are still having MAJOR sleep issues with Charlie hence why I don't know what day of the week it is or what activities we are supposed to be doing.

6. I have discovered the wonderful world of consignment shops, consignment sales, and garage sales! A couple of weeks ago there was an enormous consignment event at a local arena. My friend Sara and I went a got four overall outfits ($10), a snowsuit($10), an Exersaucer($25), a cozy coup (that will be turned into a Batmobile) -$10, four kids CDs ($2) and several toys ($14) for Charlie all in great condition! Last weekend we got a barely used backyard swing for $5 at a garage sale! YAAAY!

7. I can't believe how quickly Charlie is growing. His motor skills are increasing by the day. He newest thing is that he likes to hold a spoon and put it in his mouth!


  1. My girls sleep through the night--but, I still never know what day it is! :) Have a great weekend. I'm following from Bloggy Moms.

  2. This probably sounds ridiculous, but one of the (many) reasons why I'm excited to start having babies is the excuse to go to/spend money at yard sales!