So far so good.

Where did Long Island go? 

I'm am pleased to be writing this on Monday! We have power - so far! The winds are gusting but, luckily the wires and trees all seem to be staying up. The high tide is definitely HIGH. The flooding they are talking about is definitely not a joke.

A few years ago, the hubby and I were thinking about buying an adorable little waterfront home in a neighboring town. We are so pleased that it didn't work out. At the time we were really upset, but fact of the matter is there was a reason for it. We would have been evacuated twice in the last two years and our house would have definitely filled with water. Being that it was only one story on a canal, we would have been in deep trouble.

Another thing I am grateful for today is that both my brother and his girlfriend and my in laws made it back to their homes safely. My brother and his girlfriend were at a wedding in Atlanta and returned to DC. My in laws were at a wedding in San Antonio and returned to MD.

As I sit here, I wonder if babies have a sense that bad weather is coming. Little Charlie hasn't wanted to leave my arms in several days and is particularly clingy today. I'm sure some of it is that he senses that I'm tense. But, other times when we got a crazy thunderstorm out of no where, he was going a nuts before hand.

The worst part of the storm is definitely waiting for it to arrive. We are simply sitting ducks waiting to be blown away by these insane winds. Right now, the gusts are pretty incredible. I can't imagine when it actually gets going. They were reporting 53 mph winds at JFK earlier and the airports aren't going to close.

Oyster Bay
Oyster Bay

Cold Spring Harbor
4:04 PM - lots of popping and cracking but we still have power. Lots of wind and heavy rain now.

Morgan Park
4:36 PM - things are picking up. It should be here within the next hour. The power is going on and off frequently.

4:44 PM - County executive called to say the storm is moving faster than they thought and the surge will be greater than they thought.

4:54 PM - Heard from the cousins in SI. They are w/o power and lots of trees down but, they are OK.

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  1. Those photos already look a little crazy. Stay safe! I'm sending my prayers your way.