Thursday With the Hubby

Since the hubby was off this week, we had a nice two days together.

After work on Thursday, we went to Bryant Park, the New York Public Library, and HB by Heartland Brewery.

At Bryant Park, there is a beautiful BLUE Christmas Tree, light poles wrapped in Christmas garland, a BEAUTIFUL fountain, and a FREE ice skating rink!

The Bryant Park Grill is located in a beautiful old building that was all decorated for Christmas. While I was waiting for the hubby, I started to imagine the type of people that would attend a party or even dinner there. Hopefully, someday in the future we will be able to enjoy a meal there. Tonight, the Grill was closed for a party!

At NYPL, they had a GORGEOUS Christmas Tree and an excellent exhibit called Three Faiths. I hope sometime in the future we will be able to take the kids from work there as they will enjoy it.

HB by Heartland Brewery was located next door to Heartland Brewery. It has a smaller menu that the actual Heartland Brewery. But, the Buffalo Burger was phenomenal! It was cooked perfectly, with the right amount of Blue Cheese and hot sauce. The waiter suggested adding bacon. The bacon was cooked perfectly also! I LOVED my meal. The hubby had one of his classic favorites, fish and chips. The fish had a well spiced, crunchy breading and the fish itself was light and flaky. Of course, the hubby drenched everything in malt vinegar and ketchup. The hubby also tried HIS FIRST EGG CREAM!

After dinner, we hopped over to Times Square to try to get some quick tickets to A Little Night Music. However, it was already sold out (10 min. before the show). So, we headed back to our humble abode in Astoria!

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