Well, I am one lucky duck.
The new head of school called off school for tomorrow at 3:30 today!
I really hope it snows so, that way he will continue to give us the chance a snow days throughout the winter.

So, far about 4 flakes have fallen and melted.

Today was a rough day at work but, this snow day will help give everyone the break they need to come back rested and rejuvenated. (Yes, know that we have had quite a few days off lately but, there are those days when everything seems to go down the tubes and today was that day.) Unfortunately, things were so tense that I didn't even feel like going ice skating after work today.

We found a rink at Bryant Park that you can go skating for free! We will definitely try again during midterm week (the last week of January). It certainly will be much less crowded!

Besides the snow day, my friends Sara & Matt shared my bio on her knot page today. I am so excited for their wedding in Cali. in July! (I just need to find time to go buy my dress.) The dress is espresso with a sunshine band and straps! I can't wait to go see it in person! I believe it is Alfred Angelo Style #7063.

Hope you enjoy your snow day tomorrow! I know I will!

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