Fantastic Friday

We decided to take another trip into the "Urban Jungle" today. It was a lot of fun, mainly because the weather held up, it wasn't too crowded, and we got to spend a fun evening together.

We grabbed our new camera, threw on our hats and gloves and headed out. Our first stop was Grand Central Terminal. The wife had never been there (which I found shocking) so we decided to have a look. We took lots of pictures and had a great meal at Junior's. Neither of us had ever eaten in Grand Central, so we shared a meal and people watched as the trains heading upstate were being announced. We even had a HUGE slice of cheesecake together.

After dinner, we headed to our original destination - The Morgan Library. Apparently, the Library is free for visitors on Friday nights beginning at 7 pm. So we headed down Madison Avenue and got there just in time. The building itself seems fairly standard, but there are many treasures inside, including the original manuscript of "A Christmas Carol" and letters from Jefferson and Lincoln. There was even a clarinet player and cellist performing as you entered the Library. The building is very strict about photography and has other random rules which we did not expect. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the trip, our first to the Morgan.

After taking in the sites at the Library, we ventured on for shopping on Fifth Avenue and a walk to Rockefeller Center. The Christmas Tree was still up, and we were able to have our picture taken by a friendly tourist right outside the famous ice rink. We wandered over to Radio City Music Hall, which the wife and I visited about 4 years ago, before we were married.

In fact, we happened to take the train at the same subway station (at the 49th Street N/Q) where we shared a "street" hot dog in the rain four years prior. It brought back lots of fond memories, and it was our first trip back to that station since that time.

We both really enjoyed our Friday. I hope our next trip into the city is just as fun.

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