The First Week of The New Year

The hubby officially left his old job and is waiting to begin his new job next Monday. He is spending the week at home relaxing and enjoying some much needed, well deserved time off.

I am back at school. There have been three teachers out just about everyday this week. Things are a little busy to say the least. It's good to be back at school with the kids. It seems that this Christmas they did not get as many little gadgets. This makes these first few days much easier. Midterms are two and a half weeks away. I am hoping that they are starting to review. (I'm not holding my breath...)

We are hoping that this weekend the hubby's parents will make it up to NY for a visit with my parents. However, it appears that this snow storm is a bit unpredictable and may put a kink in our plans.

With regard to the last snow storm, they finally picked up the garbage that has been stacking up along the side of the road since before Christmas.

I met with my nutritionist yesterday and we are revamping the plan. Now it seems that she thinks I should just stay away from most products with gluten. So, I have been embracing a low gluten diet. (I'm not saying gluten free because I simply do not have the discipline or patience to deal with all of that.) I will meet with her again in three weeks, hopefully things are good.

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