The Quest for the Perfect Pair of Boots

This past week I felt like the princess and the pea with my boots. I have an old pair of snow boots that has a lining that is worn out and giving me blisters. (Unfortunately, I never have had to wear boots this often so, I had no idea that the lining would be this much of a problem.) I also have a cute pair of polka dotted rain boots however, these gave me cuts on my ankles. I am still waiting for them to heal...We are up to two weeks. The rubber boots are fine when it is warm out and it is raining but, they are not warm. Therefore, you have to wear multiple pairs of socks causing these lovely cuts.

As a result of the fact that I enjoy being out and about whenever possible, the hubby and I have been searching for a pair of boots that I can wear in the rain AND snow without getting ginormous blisters. From this experience, I learned that I have strange heels. They are too narrow for many boots and therefore the boots slide around.

On Saturday we walked up and down 5th Ave. and tried on:

- Tretorn Rain Boots that went to the bottom of my calf. They had a soft lining so IF they did rub or my socks slid they wouldn't hurt my leg. These were perfect BUT they didn't have the right size. If you find the boots on sale, they are a great investment.
- Plain ol' rubber rain boots that went to my knee. Very cute but, these rubbed my calves and ankles. Not very practical because there wasn't any lining. (Very similar to the ones that made the cuts on my legs.
- Black pleather ankle boots that had a fur lining and a chunky heel. Not really what I was looking for since I was sure that I'd be trodding through rather large puddles and these would not keep my feet dry.

- Half high rubber rain boots with a fuzzy lining. Similar to the Tretorn boots but MUCH less expensive. These were almost perfect BUT they slid around as they were too wide for my foot.

There are lots of boots on 5th Ave. and I would like to thank the sales people for helping us! After trying on all of those boots we knew EXACTLY what we were looking for when we went to Steinway and found the PERFECT pair of boots for the PERFECT price! (They are even cute!)

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  1. I love the boots! I find it so hard to find stylish narrow boots with a little heel. Love them!