Cold and Crafts

So, I stayed home sick today to nurse this nasty bug that I have. I got myself some new meds that seem to be doing the trick.

"The weather outside is frightful!" I woke up this morning to the sounds of the super's snowblower working on the sidewalk outside the building. Yes, it snowed again but, this time it was followed by freezing rain. My car is frozen shut. Hopefully, the hubby will come home and clean it off. The good news is the rain seems to be washing away the snow. The bad news is the drains are clogged so, the water is causing a bit of flooding. Those trendy rubber boots everyone is wearing will certainly be useful when navigating the streets of Queens on foot.

Because of the nasty weather and my cold, I decided to start making my Valentine's and birthday cards for those with birthdays next month. I can't wait to send them out. I need to find envelopes that will fit them as they are so tiny and cute!

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