Finally Friday

I get such a sense of satisfaction when I can cross things off of my to do list. My car is fixed! It is living at work until the snow stops falling. (I'm expecting March/April.) I will use it to get to volleyball, doctor appointments, and other things but, I will not keep it on the street in Astoria. When the snow is higher then my wheels, there is little to no chance that the car will move. Sara and I bought a pretty red and black "big girl" shovel. Before this, I had one of those little "car" shovels but, I quickly learned that that doesn't do a heck of a lot with this amount of snow. While Sara and I were out today, we managed to order my dress for the wedding. My dress is sunshine and espresso! The colors couldn't be more perfect. We also managed to get my shoes and Sara's shoes! I'm getting excited for July!!! Unfortunately, when I came home today there was a flyer under my door informing me that our super was replaced. One of the reasons why we moved into this building was because of our super Tio Jose! He has been such an awesome help to us and has done everything in his power to make sure things were okay for us. I just hope the management company gave him some notice and he has found another job. Tio Jose lived in our building for approximately 20 years. He raised his daughter here. I am not sure what he is going to do now but, I hope all works out for him. The hubby is going to give Tio Jose a call and find out what is going on. Our lease is up on October 31 of this year. We have already started looking for larger apartments in the area. We would really like to stay in Astoria since the area is perfect for commuting to both of our jobs and has a lot of fun things to do. So, we will see what happens...

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