Central Park Snow Globe

The hubby and I decided to take a walk through Central Park on Saturday. It very much resembled a snow globe. The horses and carriages were beautiful! It was very much like Robert Frost's poem!

The trees had tufts of snow decorating the branches like ornaments on a Christmas Tree. They were so pretty to look at. I was surprised to find that the trees were still so finely decorated with snow since we have had a few days without snow. It was a wonderful treat to see the park all dressed up for our visit!

We found a bench that had been cleared off and sat for awhile watching the birds and ducks that usually live in that area near the pond. The birds were chewing on one of the bushes behind us to get the last bits of leaves. I'm sure that if they were still hungry after their snack the tourists would be happy to feed them.

I've never seen Central Park so quiet and serene as everything was covered in white! There were loads of people taking advantage of the temperate weather but, no one making much noise. It was fun to watch the "city kids" sledding and building snowmen in the park. I can't imagine Central Park being my backyard!

We enjoyed watching the skaters at Wollman Rink. (We did not skate at the rink but, we did alot of sliding around to get to the rink.) I wish I had pictures of the hubby and I trying to get up the hill to the bridge. He was clutching the garden fences. I was sliding backwards. I'm sure it was humorous to the passers by as we even got cheered at as we got close to the top.

I was unaware that there is an outdoor grill restaurant at Wollman Rink. They had soup, salad, hamburgers, and footlong hotdogs. Based on the fact that this is in tourist central, the prices weren't too bad. By the time that we found the grill we were little icicles so we decided to walk a bit to find an indoor restaurant. There is also a belgian waffle cart near the 59th street entrance to the park that is quite tasty but, unfortunately there wasn't anywhere to sit!

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