2011 Has Arrived!

We had a relaxing New Year's Day 2011. We caught part of the Tournament of Roses Parade on television and spent most of the day with the wife's family. Next weekend, my parents will be in town and we will be able to celebrate with them, too.

It has been difficult to coordinate the various holidays with our families living relatively far apart from each other. It doesn't seem very fun to spend part of each major holiday on the road. But we were surprised at how many other couples we saw doing the exact same thing.

When we drove up for Christmas, Part 2 with the wife's family (after Christmas, Part 1 with mine), we saw many couples, old and young, driving to their various destinations. We were surprised to see anyone on the road that day. Truth be told, it's tough to make the drive, but at least we are only a few hours away from my folks. So far, we managed to split our first Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations with both families.

Maybe next year we will start hosting everyone at our place. There's still so much to plan this coming year. Now if I could just get used to typing "2011" everywhere...

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