Snow Day Fun

Well, I certainly enjoyed my snow day however, I was not very productive. I had all of these grand plans that involved writing my students midterm, cleaning up, taking Christmas decorations down, and packing for our weekend trip. Oh well!

We were blessed with prompt snow removal this morning so people were able to be out and about. The hubby headed off to work at regular time this morning without a hitch. All of the subways he needed to take were running. I waited a little bit longer before venturing out because the sidewalks weren't cleared until later in the morning. As always the garbage is piling up on the curbs. In many cases, there are Christmas trees topping piles of garbage covered in snow. It is almost pretty to look at since you don't see the garbage underneath. Hopefully, the sanitation people will be by soon to pick some of that up.

All of this snow got me thinking about Valentine's Day next month. I'm considering making my own Valentine's this year as I have a bunch of fun paper and things. We'll see if get to it before the big day! There are lots of fun websites that gave me ideas!

The hubby called to say that he is on his way home. This new job is nice because they understand that your family would like to see you and/or eat dinner with you. So, as long as the work gets done they don't care whether it is at home or at the office. We are considering going to a local cafe to hear some music and enjoy some martinis but we will have see how icy it is when the hubby gets home!

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