Rain...rain...go away but, the yummy waffles can stay.

We had a lazy morning since the sun was pouring in through our bedroom window. It started raining a little while ago.

The hubby made some yummy waffles on our waffle iron. (I don't have the patience for making waffles because it makes such a mess.)

We went to church to hear the choir at 12. I was kind of surprised by the small number of choir members. The parish is huge! I don't understand why people aren't involved. I am always impressed by the church bulletin because this church has so much going on. I am particularly excite for the church carnival coming up in two weeks. Hopefully, we will be able to bring some of our friends to enjoy the festivities.

Unfortunately, I had to go to work today to kick off the school year with the opening service. We are installing a new head of school and recognizing the members of the faculty and staff that have been there 25 years. It was nice to see the kids with their families. We even were able to hear two of our very recent alumni perform with their new college choir.

After opening service, I went to the hubby's office to take care of some necessary paperwork then we made dinner together.
One of the things that I love most about being married is that we get to spend time together every day. One of things that irritates me about having to work on the weekend was that it took time away from "our" time.

Tonight, we had some BBQ steak, black beans, and rice. It was sooo yummy! It is one of those meals that I could keep eating and eating until I explode. But, it was a nice bit of comfort food on such a rainy day.

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