The sweetest Friday is always the one that comes after a week of hard work.

This was the first full week of school. Many of the students and teachers came to school completely exhausted because of the events of yesterday evening. There are an incredible amount of trees down that resulted in power outages. The students and teachers were ready for a weekend! Even my little Egyptian student learned weekday and weekend today just so he could celebrate the weekend!

This weekend my in-laws are coming up from Maryland for their first visit to NY since the wedding. It will be nice to spend time together. Hopefully, we will make it to Montauk.


It's only been two months, but it feels like we are off to a great start as a couple. Hopefully, no matter what happens in the next two months or two years or two decades, it will still feel just as exciting and rewarding that we are finally "together forever." It might be a little sentimental, but it's definitely been true so far.

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