Happy Days Are Here Again!

The kids were great again today. Here's hoping they stay that way. I got to meet my student from Egypt. It will be interesting to see how this works out. Unfortunately, he speaks, reads, writes, and understands very little English. However, he is an excellent soccer player and very intelligent. Once again, I wish I had the ability to learn languages whenever I wanted.

Over the past few years, I have wanted/needed to learn Korean, Chinese, and (now) Arabic. I love learning languages. I just wish I had the time and/or resources to do it!

In other news, I just received an e-mail from my mom. A case my dad was working on made it to the cover of the New York Law Journal!!! Go Daddy!

Tonight, I made a yummy dinner. I adapted a recipe from Cook Yourself Thin. Basically, it was several chicken cutlets breaded with egg whites, panko bread crumbs, and fresh parmesan cheese. The side was thin sliced, slow cooked eggplant in a homemade sauce. It was wonderfully tasty and the perfect meal to go with the cool weather!

Speaking of cool weather, I was able to go for my Couch to 5k Run today! The temperature is perfect for a run. It felt so good to finally finish week 2. Hopefully, I will move on to Week 3 this weekend!

This weekend a very good friend of mine is coming to NY to celebrate her birthday! The last time I saw her was last June-ish. Before that I hadn't seen her since high school!! I can't wait to see her on Saturday.

On Sunday, I have to "work". We have the opening service for the 51st school year in the afternoon. It will be fun to sing the school's theme song this year with 45 students!!! It is so exciting to share the music with the kids!

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