Arthur Ave. & Fordham University

Spent the day with the family visiting the youngest one at Fordham University Rose Hill. Dad is a graduate so he enjoys going back to his old stomping group. He was a good sport and let us take a picture of him by his old dorm.
Mom, Dad, & Chris
The Boys
Looking scholarly
Lookin' cool

One of the best parts of going to Fordham is going to Arthur Ave. for a meal. Arthur Ave. is Little Italy of the Bronx. Lots of Italian food, Italian Pastries, & various other sundries. We ate lunch at Rigoletto. We've eaten there before. The food is pretty good. You can ALWAYS get a table.

My Favorite Sign - Located right by our table

We visited our favorite bakery where they fill the cannoli's while you wait. We learned on a previous trip that a fresh filled cannoli is lightyears better than other cannolis. One of my favorite things in the world is cannoli cream. Therefore, this was the pefect addition to our day.

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