Hotter than...September???

The title of this post is from a Stevie Wonder album, "Hotter than July." Even though the fall is rapidly approaching, it still feels like beach weather outside.

It's the beginning of September and it still feels like August here in the city. Apparently we're in the middle of a heat wave before Labor Day Weekend. Don't have too much planned yet, but pretty much ruled out traveling due to the crazy amount of traffic that usually accompanies the holiday.

Maybe we'll spend a relatively quiet weekend at home. I guess the heat will determine whether we end up outdoors or not this time around! Besides, with things starting to get busy at the office and with the wife's job, we might as well relax while we can, right?

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  1. Yep! Here in Massachusetts the weather is unbearable today too! We're approaching 97 degrees!!! UGH! And maybe a round with hurricane Earl at the end of the week! Laying low sounds like the right thing to do!