The morning started off a bit rough due to some stomach issues that both the hubby and I were experiencing but, after a little bit of rest. We were both ready to head to work.

Generally, I dread Mondays because our kids forget everything we taught them on Friday. I know that usually it is not their fault and that their home environments are difficult but, it is still a discouraging way to start the week. This week was no different. However, I got three new students during the course of first period. (Thank God!) AND! My Egyptian student was back from celebrating Eid on Friday. I was really pleased to see him return to school because, he doesn't speak, read, or write much English. The first week of school was incredibly difficult, frustrating and confusing for him. I can't imagine what it must be like to be a teenager in a strange country, in a strange school, where he doesn't speak the language. Not only did he come to school today but, he came to school and asked for extra help. I taught two periods of Algebra using Google Translator. (In case you are ever in need of an accurate English to Arabic translator, Google is great!) He was so excited to see that I found a way to communicate with him. I am glad to see him excited about learning.

As I am typing this the hubby and I are watching the conclusion of the Ravens/Jets game. While I am a NYer, the hubby is from Maryland. I happen to root for the Raven because a) I like the color of their uniforms b) I generally root for the underdogs. In my non-expert opinion they are the underdogs because they aren't from NY. Anywho - it was nice to relax and enjoy the game (and the Chinese food that went with it!)

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