Bagel Brunch

This morning we got bagels from Brooklyn Bagel. They were soo yummy! I can’t believe how tasty these bagels are. I usually get a Cinnamon Raisin bagel with Walnut Raisin cream cheese. However, today I tried an everything bagel with regular cream cheese. I cannot believe how filling it was!

After bagels, the hubby’s parents got on the road back to Maryland. We had a wonderful visit.

This even we were able to get together with my mom for Sunday dinner at Wild Fig in Garden City. It is a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant. I’m not sure what the meal I had was called. It was incredibly flavorful. It was chicken cooked on a skewer with a bunch of difference spices. One of the other things I love about that restaurant is their flavored lemonade. The hubby had Raspberry and I had Mango. The only downside to the restaurant is the service. As long as you don’t have anywhere to be, it is fine. However, if you have to be somewhere, you’ll need to push the staff to move things along at a reasonable pace.

All in all this was a pretty excellent weekend. We even got parking when we got home! Here’s hoping the week will be an awesome as the weekend!

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