Manic Monday

As usual, Monday arrived with its usual gloom and doom. I hate the sound of the alarm in the morning. The ear piercing beeping just annoys me however, I cannot wake up with an alarm that plays music or talks. I love the Fall because when you wake up in the morning the weather is crisp and cool. The unfortunate part of Fall is that it is dark outside!!! I hate getting up in the dark. At least for the time being, it is still light out when I come home.

When I used to commute from central Long Island, I would watch the sunrise in my rearview mirror on my way to work. I loved how the sky looked. It was a beautiful way to welcome the morning.

I truly began to appreciate sunrises for the first time when I was visiting Galveston, TX. My friend Jenn and I would wake up really early and go to over to the Gulf of Mexico and watch the sunrise. It was amazing! The sun would come right up out of the dark sea. The first time we went to watch the sunrise we were on a beach that had been destroyed by Hurricane Ike. There were construction trucks getting ready to restore some homes and debris from a beach shack on the beach yet, the sunrise was beautiful.

Hopefully, in my new home, I will find beauty in the sunrises once again.

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