A Day With The Freshmen

The freshmen came to school today. We took them on retreat to Concordia College. They have a beautiful campus and the neighborhood is quite cute as well. It would be nice to go back there and spend some time in the town.

44 students and 2 teachers make for 2 tired teachers and 44 happy students.

We had 35 freshmen and 9 student council officers. We even got to see two of our recent graduates!

I feel like I was hit by a truck but, I am so happy that some of the kiddies actually said that they thought other schools should do it this way too! (That's an awesome compliment from a 14 year old boy.)

For some reason, I have the worst luck when it comes to bus drivers. On a field trip with the kids last year, our bus driver didn't know how a toll plaza worked and actually got out of the bus at one point. On this trip, the bus driver didn't follow his directions and the directions provided by our school didn't actually connect the points. (ie. The Major Deegan doesn't go to the exit we were looking for.) Needless to say, we called got some more directions and worked it all out. On the way back, we ended up on the Cross County Parkway. The parkway has nine foot tall bridges. We were on a regular, school bus. Yep, the other teacher and I held our breath. We made it! Yay!

Now that I am home and have started to recover from our day out, I am starting...errr continuing... the thank you notes for the wedding. We are so lucky to have so many generous family members and friends. While we were planning the wedding, we put everyone in a spread sheet. Initially, I thought it was kind of pointless but, now it is truly wonderful. All you have to do it type in the first few letters of the person's last name and VOILA! You can send a thank you note!

We decided to order our thank you notes from Kodak Gallery. We were very fortunate to have friends take pictures while the photographer was taking pictures. Not only were we able to see the photos early, but we are able to write thank you notes in a timely fashion. (FYI-Kodak Gallery = quick, inexpensive thank you notes!) We got really lucky and ordered them during their back to school sale so they are 20% off! YAY!

If you happen to be planning a wedding, make sure when you send the invites to buy enough stamps for the invites, response cards, AND thank you cards. It is no fun having to go back to the post office (especially if you live in NYC).

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  1. Even though it was a tiring day, I can see how fulfilling your job is for you. This is what they mean by "tired in a good way"!...Now get-to-writing! Time to make the brain as tired as the body!! ^_^