Happy Day

Several things made me happy today.
  • I was particularly happy to come home early today.
  • I got to have lunch with a friend, get my nails done, and relax a bit.
  • It was nice to see the freshmen today. I love it when they see that we are trying to make our school a wonderful place.
  • Getting a kiss up e-mail from one of my students.

  • The lady across the street resumed sitting with the man across the street. I'm not sure what their story is but, I love that they are content outside all day. A few weeks ago, there were several police cars and an ambulance in front of their building. The lady went away for awhile but, the man continued to sit there. I have to admit that I felt badly for him that his companion wasn't there. It is nice to see them together again.

  • I love the way our kitchen table looks. One of the hubby's relatives gave us hand woven place mats from Guatemala. Seeing them on the table makes me smile.
  • I love how this little table in our apartment looks. We have two candles on it. One is from my mother. The other is from our friend Carolyn. The flowers are from my parents' backyard. The table, itself, and the pitcher holding the flower were my grandmother's. The whole thing makes me smile.
  • The temperature outside is perfect! I even slept well last night!
  • The hubby is bringing home my favorite Thai take out tonight (without me asking)!
  • The hubby did ALL the dishes last night so, I didn't have to do them this morning! <3
  • Alternate side of the street parking is suspended for Rosh Hashanah! I found awesome parking! (P.S. Happy New Year to all who celebrate!)
  • The sound of the cool breeze blowing through the leaves outside our apartment.

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  1. You've been happy a lot lately! And I'm "happy" that you're happy! :-) The things on your list would make me happy too! Especially the couple sitting together on the porch again!