Things That Make Me Smile

We had a lazy Sunday due to the fact that I still have a cold.

While cruising through the blog-o-sphere, I discovered that having a cold
is not such a big deal.

I am quite lucky to be sitting in my home, with my husband with a stuffy nose and a cough
because this will pass.

Life will go on.

I will continue to live, laugh, and love.

One of my favorite magazines, Southern Living, featured this BEAUTIFUL kitchen on their website. Wouldn't this be great to entertain in?

I love the beautiful cobalt mosaic backsplash, the gorgeous chandelier, and blue island. !

Blue Island Kitchen
Southern Living

I love my Irish heritage. I also love Willow Tree!
This would be a fantastic addition to my collection!
Willow Tree
Irish Charm Figurine

How cute are these two?
First Love

We had two little Madame Alexander dolls sitting at the foot of our wedding cake.
These remind me of a less formal version of those two!

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