Planet Fitness

I decided to join Planet Fitness in Astoria since the weather has been pretty terrible. In the summer, I’d been running and/or walking just about everyday. But, when it was hot out, I didn’t want to run. I told this to my doctor and she told me to join a gym. Of course, I told her it was too expensive and it wouldn’t be open when I was available. Then, she suggested Planet Fitness. I did my research. (By research, I mean I went on Yelp!) I read that the gym near my apartment was open 24/7, Monday-Friday but, it was very crowded. Sometimes you had to wait for a machine. Well, there you have it. I decided it would be too crowded.

During the past few weeks, we have had awful weather. Lots of rain = absolutely no motivation to go for a walk/run. I thought about what my doctor had said and decided to revisit the issue joining a gym. I went to the gym at 8 pm to see what they had to offer. I simply said I wanted what the commercial promised.:24/7 fitness for $10. The guy at the desk was great. He wasn’t pushy he told me what I needed to know but, didn’t try to sell me anything. As a result, I decided to join.

I went for the first time today, after work. It was nice and anonymous. I hate seeing people I know while I am working out. Crowded but, not so much so that I had to wait for anything. I liked it! Hopefully, I will get back there tomorrow.

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