Newlywed Life: An Update

People often ask, " Is it different now that you are married?" The answer is not really. We get to spend more time together which is fabulous. I still enjoy cooking for the two of us. We still have adventures together.

When we took the FOCUS "test" during our PreCana class, we received a perfect score on the problem solving section. We put those skills to a test on Sunday. En route to the Have a Chance Walk, we discovered that the directions on the website were incorrect. Several subways were under construction. At least, one subway was re-routed. We managed to navigate our way to Battery Park in a little over an hour, before the start of the walk. We didn't fight once and were successful in our endeavor. GO US!

On Monday, we had a little bit of a tiff due to the fact that the hubby has very long work hours and I like a schedule. So as usual he told me he'd be home around 6. Well, six came and went . He called and told me the fax machine wasn't working so he'd be home definitely by 6:30. You guessed it! Six thirty came and went. He called to say that he would be home by 7 at the latest. By now, I was fit to be tied. I decided that sitting silently and copping an attitude was a good idea. NOT! My darling hubby knows me better than I know myself therefore, he knew I was annoyed. We made a new rule. If you don't know when you are coming home, simply say I don't know and it will be accepted by the other party.

Tonight, I got a window. 7-7:30. So far so good. DInner is almost ready. Yum!

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