So, I woke up this morning with my first cold of the school year.

I hope my cold goes away soon so I can enjoy spending the day with by hubby and two of my brothers tomorrow. We are headed to the Fordham University Parents Weekend to watch the football game and possibly dinner.

After checking on me, the hubby went to a work event and came home with a yummy Cookies and Cream milkshake. Now, we are in the process of trying to pick a movie to watch. More than likely, I will fall asleep again.

On Wednesday, the faculty is headed to Hershey for the famed ECLEC conference. We get to go every three years. The last time we went we had a great time. I hope I'm feeling up to it! We have been looking forward to it since we came back three years ago. This year we are taking the new school van that the kids did the fundraising for. It will be our party bus!

Here's hoping all of these vitamins and Nyquil help!

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