City Life

I have lived in New York for most of my life. I had never witnessed public urination or theft until this week.

On Saturday night, the hubby and I were headed to bed and heard a strange noise outside the builind. When we went to the window there was a man outside trying to pry this bicycle off the no parking sign. He was being very loud and obvious about trying to take this bicycle so, I thought it may his bicycle and he just lost the key. Unfortunately, while the hubby and I were looking for the nonemergency number for the local precinct, he left. The good new was that it was without the bike. However, the next morning when we woke up we looked outside, the bike was gone but the piece of metal he was using along with the bike lock were on the ground.

Then, on Tuesday morning, I got up for work as I usually do and I heard people talking outside the building. (Typically, there is no one else up when I leave for work.) This talking was so loud that the hubby woke up too. When we went to the window, there was a man urinating on the front of the building. Seriously?! Who does that?! Interestingly, we were not the only people who were woken up by this as, when I left the building there was a swarm of other people leaving because they were waiting for the loud talkers to leave.

Seriously?! I think I need to move to the country.

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