Sibling Saturday

The boys with the tickets!

Despite my cold, the hubby and I got together with my brothers at Fordham University. It is parents weekend and unfortunately, my parents are at a wedding in Delaware. They took the little guy to dinner and show last night. And, they will take him to brunch and church tomorrow.

We had a good time playing proud parents with my other brother. (He came up from DC for the day.) We had such a good time at the game. Afterwards, the hubby and I took the little guy to dinner at a restaurant on Arthur Ave. We even got good parking and Fordham won!

Brothers watching the game.

The mascots assisting the cheerleaders with their pushups.
(Each time the team scores the cheerleaders do pushups for the total number of points the team has.)

Fordham won!
Traditionally, the team rings the victory bell outside the gym and then poses for pictures.

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