Columbus Day Weekend!

Columbus Day weekend has finally arrived!! I have been waiting for this glorious weekend since Labor Day weekend!

We left last night for Maryland to visit the hubby's parents for the weekend. Unfortunately, it seemed that everyone else had the same idea so, we spent a lot of time sitting in traffic. We left Astoria around 4:30 PM and made it there by 10:30 PM. Of course Mom and Dad T were happy to see us.

The hubby was greeted with freshly baked brownies and I was greeted with tortillas and black beans. On one of the trips down here early in our relationship Mom T taught me how to make black bean dip. I pretty much love anything related to black beans but, this simple dip is just so wonderful. When she comes to visit us in NY, she brings me a few of her special cans of beans. (I still can't find them in stores in NY.)

Hopefully, one of these days I'll learn to make tortillas! Mom T just learned a month or two ago. We usually eagerly wait the arrival of Mati (the hubby's aunt) to make them for us.

Anyway, the hubby is at Mom T's dental office getting a cleaning. I'm enjoying my time to just sit and relax. (Apparently, I look tired.)

This week has felt extraordinarily. On Thursday, several members of the faculty went to the funeral for a student's parent. The trip took us to an area of Brooklyn we had never been to. I find it interesting to see the neighborhoods where our students come from. As a result of the time I spend in the counseling office, I often find it interesting that these kids make it to school everyday. I hope my students enjoy this long weekend as much as the faculty will.

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