Our 4 Month Old

 Our sweet little boy turned 4 months old on the 22nd! His uncle Edward and Julia came from DC to visit so, we took a trip to Martin Viette to pick some pumpkins, see some farm animals, and take a bunch of silly pictures!
 We lucked out because there weren't many people there so we could take Charlie all over without much trouble.
 Charlie has figured out how to pull his knees under him to push himself forward on his belly. At this point his arms aren't strong enough to hold himself up while he is pushing with his legs. It is super cute to watch him try to crawl. He loves to play with anything that lights up and plays music. Most recently he enjoys knocking over block towers that we build with his cloth blocks.

 On his birthday he had a few licks of avocado. He really enjoyed it and wanted more. He seemed to react just fine to his first taste of food. He has been really interested in what we have been eating, so much so that he was trying to grab my mashed potatoes last Sunday. We will not be giving him cereal. Our  plan is go very slowly. He still nurses about every two hours. Sleeping isn't happening so much anymore. Hopefully, he'll start to sleep in  longer spurts again. (He's been up every 1-2 hours recently.)
 Charlie takes two naps a day one at 10 AM and one at 2:30 PM. It is like clockwork. He gets fussy then goes to sleep . He doesn't sleep long. (Maybe an hour) But, it is a nice break for me! We are having so much fun taking Charlie every where! He has the most adorable giggle. He learned to blow raspberries this week. It is absolutely hilarious because he wants you to do it back. He is really enjoying going to the various programs at the library. Next month he will start going to a rhyme time which is every week at one of the neighboring libraries. He has started sitting in the "big boy" seat  in his stroller. He doesn't like laying in the bassinet anymore since he can't really see what is going on. When we drive in the car he enjoys looking out the window rather than napping. Charlie still loves going to church. He is recognizing our friend Fr. Mike's voice and he will look around the church until he spots him . It is so cute! He was very confused by the guitars at church today. He is used to the organ at the adult Masses. He enjoys listen to the music. He frequently makes sounds that sound like he is singing along.
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  1. I love my little (unofficial?) godson! I love watching him grown up through your pictures :-)