3 Weeks Old & 4 Weeks Old

The weeks are just flying by! Charlie is so much more alert these last few weeks. I feel as though I am constantly trying to entertain him/stimulate him. We were given an activity mat by a friend so I have made a few little toys dangle from it for Charlie to "play" with. He mostly stares at them and will occasionally flail his arms and legs in their general direction. We listen to Pandora radio on the internet since they have lots of free kids music. He LOVES listening to music. This past Sunday Charlie went to church for the first time. He also went out to eat for the first time at Golden Temple. (One of our favorite restaurants) He is so well behaved that it is easy to take him out and about. We had another play date with his friend James. James is six months old and is VERY active. It is fun to think about what Charlie will be like at that age. Unfortunately, James will be moving to Texas in August. For the time being we are enjoying our walks in the stroller together. It's nice for me to have some adult conversation during the day. On Friday, Charlie will be one month old. We have our doctor appointment in the morning. It will be awesome to see how big he's gotten. Any guesses on his weight?

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