Infant Life

Our darling little boy seems to have his days and nights mixed up. He slept all day and now appears to be wide awake at 1 AM. So far he has wet our bed twice. Graciously my mom and hubby have changed the sheets and washed the comforter. I guess I haven't been as quick as usual to get the diaper changed. As a friend of mine pointed out at least it wasn't #2.

We are hoping that on Wednesday he will have gained back all of the weight he lost in the hospital. My goal is to continue breast feeding but, if he hasn't gained weight we will have to look at supplementing with formula. I am working on being O.K. with that idea. Right now, it is not sitting well with me. All we want is for our little man to grow big and strong.

We have been so blessed to have many friends and family stop by to visit our little man. It is wonderful to see everyone. People have been so generous to our little man. He has received many lovely gifts, including a 365 prayer book, pat the bunny, goodnight moon, several accessories for his room and countless little outfits that someday he will be able to wear.

I find it funny that as the days go by he becomes more and more alert. As the hubby was changing the sheets, the little one decided that Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns would be an excellent show to watch. He was completely entertained by the characters on the show. I quickly decided this was not what we were going to encourage and we went to hang out in his room while we were waiting for the hubby to finish changing the sheets.

The little one is incredibly good at entertaining himself with his hands and feet while he is awake. At the moment, he is playing in his bassinet. His hands are soooo exciting! Of course, he wouldn't be nearly as entertained if he didn't have the hiccups for the 9 gazillionth time today. He have dubbed him "squeaky toy" because he sounds like one when he has the hiccups. The pediatrician has indicated that there isn't really much we can do for him and his hiccups. So, we'll just hang in there until the little one falls asleep.

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