Two Weeks Old

On June 5th our little man was two weeks old! 

What's new? CHARLIE WEIGHS 6LBS 13 OZ! He gained 8 oz. in just 7 days. 

Sleep: He is still sleeping several hours at a time.

Feeding: Breast feeding like a champ! He gets 2 oz. of formula just before bed to help everyone get some rest. He has taken a liking to cluster feeding at night before bedtime. 

Special talents: Charlie rolled from his stomach to his back last night. The pediatrician was quite impressed. 

Favorite past times: Charlie loves his walks in his stroller. He stares at his frog toy that hangs in his rock n play. 

Likes:  His frog. His pacifier. His blue striped blanket. (I'm not sure why this one is different from the others but, he sleeps better when he has that one. 

Dislikes: Diaper changes. (You'd think I were torturing the child.) 

Demeanor: He loves to smile and make cute faces.  He's super calm and easily soothed. 

What's up next: Still waiting on the innie/outie. Part of the his cord stump fell off.  

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