7 Quick Takes

Where did this week go?  I feel like I just wrote one of these.
Charlie and I went to Play Hooray at one of the local libraries today. There were a few more babies his age and one mama that I was friendly with in high school. Both Charlie and I enjoyed our time at the library.
I'm psyched to go to the East End GreenFest (possibly) this weekend. I'm thinking that if we don't make it I might attempt to go on Monday.
I found a mom's group of women who support/are interested in babywearing. One of them even cloth diapers. We have a meetup scheduled for Oct 3. Hopefully, I"ll let to know some other local moms.
Where did Fall go? It was so nice and crisp on Monday now, it is almost 80. Really??? It's September!
The only reason I am bummed about the warm weather is because the beach is pretty much off limits due to the insane amount of bees. I tried to take Charlie for a walk yesterday and there were gazillions of bees.
Speaking of bugs, there are some crazy big bugs around here. I think we might try to brave them and head to Planting Fields tonight for Family night. We'll see how brave I am at 6:30.


  1. I am so jealous at how many great places you go to! I still have never been to Planting Fields! It's on my wish list!

  2. oh, dear.

    My poor kids have never been to the library.

    You've inspired me!!