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I know every mother says, "They grow up so fast!" But, it is true! And, time flies!

I cannot believe that Charlie will be 4 months old on the 22nd and I've been home (not working) for  two whole weeks already. There is so much I want to do and I'm glad I have the time to do it with Charlie. We've discovered a monthly Baby & Me class at one of the local libraries and we are taking advantage of the museum passes. I also was reminded that the Bronx Zoo on Wednesday's is "pay what you wish"! Last week, Newsday published a list of places to go apple picking! Hopefully this weekend we get go to the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium, go apple picking, or see a football game at my brother's college. It will entirely depend on whether we have visitors or not. No matter what happens, we will do at least one of these activities.

Last night, Charlie managed to sleep 8 hours straight!!! Granted, I kept waking up to make sure he was O.K. but, I got so much sleep! (I know today probably won't be as good but, I'll take it when I can get it.) This is just another one of those signs that our little boy is growing up. He still really enjoys music. Unfortunately for those around me (fortunately for Charlie), he really enjoys it when I sing silly songs in a high pitched voice and dance around. I can only imagine what it would have looked like last night while I was cooking dinner, bouncing back and forth, and singing do you know the muffin man at the top of my lungs to my little boys smiling away at mommy. (These are times that I sometimes wish I had a webcam just for me to see how silly/crazy things get around here.)

Friend's of ours recently moved to Austin, Texas. They forwarded us some photos of their son who is almost 10 mos. old. In just the few short weeks they've been gone, he learned to crawl, pull himself up, and take some steps on his own. It is absolutely unbelievable! I can't wait to see them at Christmas time. The boys might actually be able to play together. (Probably, delusional mom thinking but...maybe?)

I still haven't found a "mom" group or "mom" friends but, so far I've been doing O.K. I am grateful for Facebook because I have found a wonderful group of Catholic women, some of which are moms, to interact with on almost a daily basis. Hopefully, I'll get to meet up with some of them in the coming months.

Charlie and I have been filling our days listening to music: played by me on the piano, children's music, Catholic hymns, Christian pop, and classical piano concertos. He loves "reading" books. He gets so excited when pages turn. I'm thinking of trying to make some footprints and handprints with Charlie. I'm sure Pinterest will come to my rescue with a recipe for the dough. Photobucket
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