Unfortunately with turning four months old comes immunizations...We have decided we will immunize Charlie on "schedule". I have to say the whole process is absolutely horrible.  I love our pediatrician but, she will not allow me to breastfeed him while she is giving him the shots so, there are lots of tears on both mommy's part and baby's part. 

Today, he got four vaccines. Three shots and one oral. I am blessed because Charlie, so far, hasn't had a terrible reaction to them. He is definitely more irritable than usual but, otherwise he's O.K. I honestly think it is more traumatic for me than him. The biggest difficulty was that as soon as I brought him into the examination room he remembered what happens there and got absolutely hysterical. It broke my mommy heart. I just wanted to take him out of there and never bring him back 

We live in a suburb of NYC therefore, in my opinion it is necessary for him to be vaccinated otherwise we wouldn't do it. I cannot even describe how much I just wanted to punch the nurse giving him the shots and grab the little man and run away. least we have a two month reprieve until the next ones...

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