Monet's Garden at New York Botanical Garden and A Visit to Fordham University (In Photos)

We are very fortunate to have a local library with FREE passes to a variety of museums, the New York Botanical Gardens, and the Fish Hatchery. These passes will be a great way for Charlie and I to get out and see new places without spending any extra money. Our library does not require you to make any advanced reservations. Each pass is given on a first come, first served basis. You can use the passes as many times as you would like. (I know this not that case at the library my mother works at. You can reserve there 30 days in advance. However, they have limitations on how many times you can use a particular pass in a particular time period.)

Charlie's ready to go visit his uncle at Fordham! Aren't his little sandals cute??

I love a beautiful hydrangea. 

Charlie and Mama in Monet's Garden 

Hardy Water lillies

Water lillies outside of the Conservatory
Beautiful butterfly!

Water lilly pond

Gram, Mama, & Charlie


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