Lessons in Parenting: Surviving Your Baby's First Cold

Unfortunately, our little one came down with his first cold this week. He was stuffy and irritable so, we called our pediatrician to see what we could do for our little one. Here's what she said:

 #1 Little Noses (Unmedicated) - God's gift to stuffy babies. I didn't register for this however, my awesome cousin is a nurse and bought it for us as part of a shower gift. Little didn't I know that this stuff would clear out little one's nose so fast! He was able to breath almost perfectly after the first use. Some breastfeeding women swear by breast milk up the nose. I did not try it but, when you're desperate and you don't have Little Noses in the house I could see myself giving it a try.

 #2 Nasal Aspirator (Snot Sucker)- Best little doodad we got from the hospital! Our mild mannered little one doesn't mind this so much. I know other moms have indicated that this makes their little one crazy.

 #3 Wedge in the bassinet - Our pediatrician recommended elevating little ones head with a towel, blanket or pillow placed under the bassinet mattress. As a Christmas gift, I received Boppy's pregnancy wedge. I never really used it however, now we are finding lots of wonderful ways to use it with little one.

 #4 Humidifier - Never thought we would need one, definitely should have registered for one. The hubby ran to Target and got a Safety 1st Ultrasonic Humidifier. (The first one we bought wouldn't turn on.) However, the second one was really easy to put together and worked like a charm.

 #5 BREASTFEED! - La Leche League has a forum dedicated to Tips for breastfeeding when baby has a cold. Kellymom.com has a fantastic list of pointers also.

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  1. I remember my daughter's first cold. I was freaking out all night and day. I never tried a wedge, I will have to get one for our next baby! I have tried breastmilk up the nose but the Little Noses works better... Just because how are you going to squirt the milk up there? Trust me, it's awkward and messy lol!