Guest Post at Catholic Cookie Jar: On Catholic Marriage

I have a  guest post as part of  Catholic Cookie Jar's Catholic Marriage Series. Tomorrow we will be celebrating our two year wedding anniversary. (Mandi will be too! Wish them a happy anniversary!) The hubby and I had a lot of fun writing this post together. We enjoyed reflecting on our special day as well as all that went into it. Interestingly this year, we will be spending our anniversary at the Baptism class for our son. It is amazing how in such a short time life can change so much. 

When the hubby and I decided to get married there was no doubt in our minds it would be a Catholic Nuptial Mass. We met while on retreat with the Catholic university we were attending. We had been raised in the Catholic Church attending Catholic schools.   Being Catholic was always a part of our lives growing up, and continues to be so into adulthood...continue reading at Catholic Cookie Jar.

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