Charlie's Pool!

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Last week, Charlie got his 2 month shots. While at the appointment, I was asking the pediatrician about taking Charlie swimming. HE LOVES BATH TIME therefore, I thought he would enjoy the pool/beach. Unfortunately, the beach has this crazy bacteria in the water right now and the pools have a foot and mouth epidemic so, no pool/beach for Charlie.

As I was explaining this to the hubby, he decided to run to target on his lunch hour and get Charlie a little pool for us to play in in the backyard. Of course as soon as we got the pool, it has rained almost everyday since then. Over the weekend, I desperately wanted to take Charlie in the pool while the hubby was home so, we set up the pool in the house in hopes it being sunny enough to go out. No such luck. He had to settle for a bath instead.

Here are some photos:



  1. awe! what a CUTE idea!!! I'm sure he loves his first pool :)

  2. Haha! Indoor pool! That's awesome.

    (PS Let me know if you had problems with the button..I've heard from a couple people on blogger that it's been acting funny!).

    *PPS Can I please, please ask that you take off your word verification thingy? It's impossible to tell what the numbers are can always do comment moderation:)