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I had a guest post up at imperfectkate on Modesty and Motherhood.

I had another guest post up at Catholic Cookie Jar on Catholic Marriage.
These two posts made my week! I can't wait to find more guest post opportunities.

Little one LOVES fans and overhead lighting of any variety. 

The hubby and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary on Tuesday.  
How did we celebrate? 
We went to the Baptism class for our little one. Unfortunately, he came down with a bit of a cold on Monday so, we've been hanging out around the house for most of the week. Hopefully, the hubby and I will go out to dinner tomorrow night. 

The little one got to meet his relatives on my grandfather's side of the family yesterday. They are wonderful people and are so in love with our little man. The generation that is the same as my parents are in their 80's. The generation that is the same as the hubby and I are in their late 50's. Unfortunately, neither one of my cousins are married so there aren't any others after that. 

We always have a blast together and they are the best hostesses. It is amazing how an impromptu visit quickly turns into an elaborate luncheon complete with several severals and many hours of conversation. 

The little one will be wearing his great grandfather's Christening gown for the Christening. It is over 100 years old. All of us have been Christened in it. We did purchase a simple white romper for him to wear afterwards so, the heirloom will stay clean and safe for whomever comes next. My cousin presently has a son who will be Christened in some point in the near future. 

Wishing mommy and daddy a Happy Annniversary!

Hanging out on the couch like his uncles

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